Cal-Cat Fuel Catalysts

The Cal-Cat is a fuel conditioning solution that improves your vehicle's performance, lowers emissions, and reduces the overall operating costs of driving your car or truck - GUARANTEED.

The Cal-Cat is considered a Fuel Heating Catalyst. It is used successfully in many commercial applications and has now be modified for the real world driver. Whether you are a single vehicle owner, or manage an entire fleet, the simplicity of the Cal-Cat is welcome and fully guaranteed.

It works by using the warm water in your vehicle's radiator and engine cooling system. We harness this heat and run the gasoline or diesel through the Cal-Cat where the heat plus the catalyst improve the properties of the fuel.

This patented fuel heating catalyst takes the form of an add-on device. Its design utilizes a patent pending recirculation action to process the fuel with heat recovered from the vehicle's coolant system. This provides gasoline and diesel engines real world benefits of saving operational costs and improving fuel performance.


Suitable for


Fuel Catalysts Petrol engines upto 6 Litres £420
Diesel upto 8 Litres £1100
Diesel Trucks upto 10 Litres £1600
Diesel Trucks upto 10 Litres £1900
Diesel Trucks over 10 Litres £2900



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