Become an Affiliate

The business opportunity we are offering is not a Franchise. We are offering an “Affiliation Partnership”.  Following our training, we will work together to build an installer network, sharing ideas and information for the benefit our installers and our customers.

The training consists of the following:
Our training, to install Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems, is carried out on a 'one-to one' basis.
We would preferable install a unit onto your vehicle for you to use as a demonstration unit.
The training will take 1 day depending on your level of knowledge. There will be a lot of information to take in. However, we will ensure you receive a good understanding of the product s and technology fundamentals.

What you will get

We will provide you with 1 Hydrogen Fuel Cell System and train you to install it into your own car.  This unit will now be yours to demonstrate to your potential customers.  We will provide you with the following:-

We will tailor the training based on your level of knowledge and expertise. You do not have to have mechanical expertise to successfully install these fuel cell systems. The theory and practical training will cover:


For £750, you will be signed up as a fully fledged “Affiliated Partner”.  We can also build you a 5 page startup website for the cost of £250 to get you going.  This will include your domain name and hosting for 2 years.

Business start up grants

Governments and other business organisations will help with business grants to cover the cost of training and financing a new business. They will give you free advice and grants to those who need them. These grants are readily available and relatively easy to obtain. Being involved in a business which promotes an alternative fuel, less reliance on fossil fuel and reduces carbon emissions, helps save people money, is technology based all are the main criteria they are looking for.

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