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MPG Systems are specialists in vehicle economy solutions, providing hydrogen fuel cell and fuel enhancing systems to increase your vehicles miles per gallon and lower your CO2 emissions and road tax.

Our Products are approved by THE INTERNATIONAL HHO INSTITUTE. Do not waste your time and money on cheaper alternative that just don't work!

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HHO gas is produced from a process called electrolysis which converts water to hydrogen and oxygen. This is done within the HHO Generator that is usually installed in the cavity between your front bumper and radiator once your engine starts running.  The gasses then run along to a vaporiser/bubbler which seporates the water steam from the gas, leaving pure oxygen and hydrogen (HHO).  This HHO gas makes its way into your main engine air intake pipe and is then mixed with your petrol/diesel within the combustion chamber making your fuel burn much more efficiently.

The Cal-Cat is considered a Fuel Heating Catalyst. It is used successfully in many commercial applications and has now be modified for the real world driver. Whether you are a single vehicle owner, or manage an entire fleet, the simplicity of the Cal-Cat is welcome and fully guaranteed.

    It works by using the warm water in your vehicle's radiator and engine cooling system. We harness this heat and run the gasoline or diesel through the Cal-Cat where the heat plus the catalyst improve the properties of the fuel.

Almost all modern vehicles employ oxygen sensors to tell the vehicle's computer if the air/fuel mixture is too rich or too lean. The computer uses the information from the 02 sensor to determine if more or less fuel should be added to the mix in order to maintain the correct proportion.

The EFIE adjusts the sensor's voltage so the computer "sees" a richer condition. This causes the computer to provide less fuel.

Hydrogen gas is referred to sometimes as Brown's gas or HHO.  Hydrogen is the best solution or gas additive to increase your mileage. HHO gas has been referred to as hydrogen on demand but what you get is 2 gases when broken down; hydrogen and oxygen. What you should see is fewer pollution from your tail pipe lowing you carbon footprint.

Turn your car into a HHO hybrid with one of our hydrogen systems today.

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Complete Hydrogen Hybrid Systems - Hydrogen Generators - Hydrogen Vaporisers - HHO O2 Extenders - HHO EFIE Enhancers - Hydrogen System Testing - HHO Hybrid System Testing - Hydrogen Hybrid installation at your home or at work.  Including evenings and weekends.


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